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The School Day

The Target Attendance for each student is 95%. Regular attendance by students is a major contribution to each student achieving academic success. At Warblington School we expect students to attend except when ill or other exceptional reasons which may prevent this. The school seeks the full support of parents in maintaining the highest level of attendance for their child.

The school uses Lesson Monitor to record attendance at Registration before first lesson in the morning and after lunch break. Each lesson is also registered using this system as this helps Senior Management/Heads of Years/Teachers and Support Staff to assess information to support any student who may be having difficulties in certain areas in school. Warblington School also works closely with the Educational Welfare Service. Our Student Support Manager also monitors attendance.

In the case of a student who is unable to attend school, parents/carers are expected to inform the school daily of reason for absence. Warblington School has a dedicated telephone number for this purpose: 023 92 485159. If the school does not receive a call on the morning of absence, the parents/carers will be called by our automated calling service and informed that their child/children are not at school. The parent can then leave a message or can call the school directly to discuss why the student is absent. This allows the school to make contact with the parents/carers at an early stage when their child/children are absent and also helps to alert parents/carers to the fact that their child/children may have unexpectedly not turned up for school. Our automated service will call every day to those parents/carers who have not contacted the school on the first day of absence to inform of reason student is not in school. For those parents/parents who have informed the school on day one of their child’s absence there will be no response from the school until the the fourth day of absence when the parents/carers will receive another automated call if they have not informed the school of their child’s continuing absence.

Combating Absenteeism in our School

Truancy Call is an automated communication system that directly contacts the parents/carers of our students who are marked absent at registration. This ensures that the reason for the absence of the student is known as soon as possible and alerts the parents/carers if the student is not in school when they should be. Post-registration absences can also be detected and reported to the parents/carers. The system contacts all the telephone numbers on our records in sequence until it is answered and a message is left or the parent/carer contacts the school.

Schools are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. In making a request for an authorised absence from school you will need to explain why the circumstances are exceptional. Please note: There is no general right to authorise absence for a family holiday. If you take your child out of school without permission the absence will be unauthorised and we will consider legal action.

Requests for students’ absence should be made by initially contacting the Attendance Officer at school, and completing the form below.

You are advised not to make any arrangements until your request has been.

Request for Leave of Absence (updated July 2015).

Students are encouraged to cycle to and from School.  Cycles must be left locked in the cycle shed area and students must have their own lock and chain. 

Bicycles are brought to School ‘at your own risk’. Even if left in the locked area, the School does not accept responsibility if parts or all of the bicycle is stolen or vandalised.

Year 11 Motor Cycles:
Year 11 students are allowed to ride motor cycles to School once they have reached the age of 16. They need to show their licence to a member of the Leadership Team who will issue a pass entitling them to bring their motor cycle onto School premises.

Motor cycles are brought to School ‘at your own risk’.