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School Uniform

Warblington School Uniform Supplier: Skoolkit, 1st Floor, Meridian Centre, Havant. (Uniform can also be purchased in any alternative retail outlet if it complies with the specifications below.)

The Warblington School uniform consists of:

  • Clip-on school tie
  • Mid-blue shirt, plain, with collar and top button. (Not denim, polo/T-shirt or blouse style.)
  • Black blazer with Warblington School Logo
  • (Optional) School V Neck black jumper with blue stripe (No other jumpers/tops are permissible).
  • Black school-style trousers. Trousers should do up with a button/zip and must be full length, touching the heel.  Skinny/fashion, leggings, jeggings, jersey material and jeans are NOT acceptable
  • Sensible, plain black footwear

Girls:  Black, knee length skirt that must reach the floor when kneeling


No unreasonable haircuts or styles. Hair colour should be natural.

Body piercings are unacceptable and must be removed.

The only jewellery allowed is a watch and pair of earrings (small studs, not hoops). 

Nose studs must be removed and replaced with a clear retainer

Nail varnish / Acrylic nails should not be worn

False eyelashes are not allowed and they will need to be removed