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Attendance Information

Attendance In Numbers

There are 365 days in the year and 190 days in the school year.

If we take the days in school away from the days in the year, we see that for 175 days children are at home with their parents.

If a child takes leave of absence during term time, 10 school days, attendance starts to fall to only 180 days in school. If the child is then ill for 5 or more days in a year, they start to be at home more than they are in school.
365 – 190 = 175

If your child is late to school they will receive a 10 minute detention after school on the same day they are late. If your child fails to attend or if they are persistently late then the sanction will escalate.

Before you book a holiday in term time…

There are 38 weeks in the year when schools are open, and 14 weeks (175 days) when families can visit family overseas, go on holiday, travel, pupils can work, take educational trips, attend non urgent medical appointments etc.
So is your request for leave exceptional? This is for the headteacher to decide but consider would your employer grant you additional leave?

Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

Please remember that…

Only the school, within the context of the law, can approve absence, not parents. The fact that a parent has offered a note or phone call to explain an absence, does not mean that we have to accept it as a valid reason for absence.
If after further investigation, doubt still remains about the explanation offered or where no explanation is offered at all, the absence will be treated as unauthorised.

Train Crossing

A train leaves Havant station at 8:31am therefore the train gates will be down before and during this time first thing in the morning. This will impact students arriving at school.

Students should arrive at school at 8:30am and be in their first lesson by 8:35am.

Please bare this in mind when you drop your child off at school when passing through the crossing or if they walk through the crossing on their way to school.

Praise For Attendance

Attendance in school is vital for attainment so keep an eye out for in school challenges and competitions regarding attendance. Students who achieve 100% attendance receive an award in the summer presentations. Tutor group and whole school attendance figures are available to students to view on the board outside the canteen and also in the weekly school newsletter.

Mrs Abrams, Attendance Officer