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Staff Structure Summer Term 2017

Please find below the names listed of all of the teaching staff and support staff.

Mrs J Vincent Headteacher
Mr S Aldridge Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Fletcher Assistant Headteacher / DSL
Mrs J Lowe Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Richards Assistant Headteacher
Mr E Whiffin Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Wood  Assistant Headteacher
Sean Aldridge Mr SAE Assistant Headteacher  / Physical Education / DSL
Rob Andrew Mr RAW Faculty Leader: PE & Performing Arts
Bruce Ashcroft Mr BAT MFL
Robin Aylott Mr RAY Head of Mathematics
Roland Barnard Mr RBD Head of Year 7 / Mathematics / CPLO
Claire Blundell Miss CBL Head of Year 9 / Music / M & M Co-ordinator
Hannah Briggs Miss HBS English
Hannah Brown Mrs HBN English – Literacy Co-ordinator
Nigel Brown Mr NBN Science
Kate Cameron Mrs KCN SENCo
Cara Chambers Miss CCS Head of Year 10 /  Senior Pastoral Leader / Physical Education / DSL
Greg Chaplin Mr GCN PE / Science
Jamie Clinton Mr JCN Science 2nd in Department
Kevin Cooper Mr KCR Head of Year 8 / MFL
Andrew Crowe Mr ACE Humanities – Geography
Matthew Doe Mr MDE Science
Louise Elvy Mrs LEY Physical Education
Jane Fletcher Mrs JFR Assistant Headteacher / Humanities – RE / DSL
Michael Godfrey Mr MDY ICT & Computing
Rebecca Griffin Mrs RGN Physical Education
Karlene Heath Mrs KHH English
Pippa Horne Miss PHE Acting 2nd in Mathematics
Aleesha Jackson Miss AJN Humanities – History
Sian Jacob Mrs SJB Mathematics – Numeracy Co-ordinator
Lydia Jordan Miss LJN Maths
Jackie Lowe Mrs JLE Assistant Headteacher
Jim Lush-Smith Mr JLS Curriculum Leader: Science
Angie McKeown Mrs AMN English (part time)
Richard Murland Mr RMD Faculty Leader: Technical and Creative Arts
Rebecca Phillips Mrs RPS Technical & Creative Arts: Art
Elisabeth Pritchard Miss EPD History
Esther Richards Ms ERS Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Leader: English & Humanities
Tina Severe Miss TSE Technical & Creative Arts: Creative iMedia
Anton Strzelec Mr ASC Humanities – Geography
Sarah Thorpe Mrs STE 1:1 Intervention (part time)
Guylaine Uguen Miss GUN Subject Leader: MFL  / Primary MFL Liaison
Julia Vincent Mrs JVT Headteacher
Catherine Whiteley-Fuller Mrs CWF English 2nd in Department
Sarah-Louise Whiteley-Fuller Mrs SWF Drama
Edward Whiffin Mr EWN Assistant Headteacher / Physical Education
Mark Whitlock Mr MWK Head of Year 11 / Technical & Creative Arts: Art
Charli Wilkins Ms SWS Technical & Creative Arts: Food
Jane Wood Mrs JWD Assistant Headteacher


Mr R Barnard Head of Year 7, Year 6 Transition, Mathematics
Mr Godfrey Teacher of ICT 7A/MGY
Mr Andrew Faculty Leader: Creative & Performing Arts 7B/RAW
Mrs Jacob Numeracy Co-ordinator – Maths 7C/SJB
Mr Chaplin PE 7D/GCN
Ms Severe Technical & Creative Arts: Creative Media 7E/TSE
Mr Cooper Head of Year 10, MFL
Mr Crowe Humanities/Geography 8A/ACE
Mrs Griffin PE 8B/RGN
Mr Clinton Science: 2nd in Department 8C/JCN
Ms Briggs English 8D/HBS
Ms Heath English 8E/KHH
Miss Blundell Head of Year 9, Music
Mr Murland Faculty Leader: Technical & Creative Arts 9A/RMD
Ms Jackson History 9B/AJN
Mr Doe Science 9C/MDE
 Mrs Jordan Mathematics 9D/LJN
Mrs Elvy / Mr Knight
Dance / ICT 9E/LEY/CKT
Miss Chambers Head of Year 10, Senior Pastoral Leader, PE
Mrs Phillips / Mrs Jones Art / Cover Supervisor 10A/RPS/TJS
Mr Brown Science 10B/NBN
Mrs Brown English – Literacy Co-ordinator 10C/HBN
Mr Ashcroft Modern Foreign Languages 10D/BAT
Mrs K Whiteley Fuller English – 2nd in Department 10E/CWF
Mrs L Whiteley-Fuller Drama 10E/LWF
Mr Whitlock Head of Year 11, Technical & Creative Arts
Miss Horne Mathematics – 2nd in Department 11A/PHE
Miss Pritchard Curriculum Leader – History 11B/EPD
Ms Wilkins Technical & Creative Arts : Food 11C/CWS
Mrs Uguen Subject Leader – Modern Foreign Languages 11D/GUN
Mr Strezlec Humanities – Geography 11E/ASC


Mr Aylott Head of Maths
Mrs Cameron Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Mr Lush-Smith Curriculum Leader: Science
Mrs Richards Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Leader: English and Humanities
Yvonne Abrams Mrs YAS Attendance Officer
Megan Barker Miss MBR Senior Admin Assistant
Darryn Barnard Mr DBD Site Assistant
Rebecca Bell Miss RBL LSA – Learning Support
Debbie Catlin-Richardson Ms DCR Admin Assistant/Receptionist
Laura Celestine Mrs LCI Receptionist
Karen Chaffey Mrs KCY PA to the Senior Team/BlueSky Co-ordinator
Laura Copeman Mrs LCN Home/School Support Worker
Danielle Crockford Mrs DCD HLTA
Rebecca Currie Mrs RCE LSA – English
Kurt Cutajar Mr KCA Sous Chef
Colin Doran Mr CDN Technician – Science
Arianne Elson Miss AEN LSA – Maths
Nikki Fletcher Ms NFR Catering Assistant
Grace Fordham Miss GFM Cover Supervisor
Daniel Hasker Mr DHR HLTA – Nurture
Chris Hayter Mr CHR IT Help – Novatech
Richard Hobbs Mr RHS Student Mentor
Mark Howard Mr MHD Site Assistant
Naomi Ison Miss NIN Education Welfare Co-ordinator/Matron /CPLO
Tina Jones Ms TJS Cover Supervisor
Carl Knight Mr CKT ICT Technician
Philip Leckey Mr PLY Estates and Resource Manager
Lisa Manning Ms LMG Catering Assistant
Helen McLachlan Mrs HMN Exams & Cover Manager
Tina Moore Mrs TME Administrative Officer/SIMS
Rachel Norris Mrs RNS LSA – Maths
Donna Palmer Mrs DPR Technician – Tec & Creative + Hospitality
Hilary Parry Mrs HPY Community Lettings Assistant
Jannet Rand Mrs JRD Technician – Tec & Creative
Kay Raistrick Mrs KRK HLTA – Science
Amy Sandford Ms ASD LSA – Maths, linked to Key Stage 4
Nigel Sharp Mr NSP Finance Manager
Tina Sadler Ms TSR Catering Assistant
Jorjina Stairs Mrs JSR Safeguarding & Child Protection Administrator
Janice Stevens Mrs JSS Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner
Susan Stevens Ms SSS LSA / ELSA
Carol Turner Mrs CTR Senior Technician – Science
Joanne Vince Mrs JVE Catering Assistant
Vanessa West Ms VWT Pupil Support & Guidance Manager/CPLO
Adrian Whittle Mr AWE Site Manager
Clare Wilson Mrs CWN Careers Information, Advice & Guidance (CIAG) Co-ordinator
Valerie Wrixon Mrs VWN PA to Headteacher
Support Staff Email Address Title
Mrs Y Abrams Attendance Officer
Mrs D Crockford Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Chaffey PA to the Senior Team
Miss N Ison School Matron
Mrs L Copeman Home/School Support Worker
Mr D Hasker Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Nurture
Mr R Hobbs Student Mentor
ICT Helpdesk
Mr P Leckey Estates and Resources Manager
Mr N Sharp Finance Manager
Mrs H McLachlan Exams and Cover Manager
Mrs H Parry Community Lettings Assistant
Mrs K Raistrick Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Science
Mrs G Stairs Safeguarding and Child Protection Administrator
Ms V West Pupil Support and Guidance Manager
Mrs C Wilson Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Co-ordinator
Mrs V Wrixon PA to Headteacher