Student Voice

Warblington School has a vibrant student voice which is made up of a variety of student groups all of who are represented on the school executive council.  These groups are the prefects, the school council, the sports council, student ambassadors, and Peer mentors. 




Students in Year 10 are invited to apply to be prefects in Year 11.  After completing an application form, students are interviewed by the outgoing Senior Prefect Team.  If they pass their interview, students are chosen by their tutor and Mrs Fletcher, Assistant Headteacher, who organises the Prefect Team.

Once the Prefect Team is chosen, staff decide who should be the Head Boy and Head Girl. There is also a team of senior prefects who make up the Student Leadership Team.

Prefects help to organise the School at break times and lunchtimes and support the School as guides for visitors to the School and at key events such as Open Day.

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School Council

The School Council provides students at Warblington with an opportunity to participate fully in the running of the School and put forward the student voice. The School Council meets every week; these students have been elected by their year group. The School Council is made up of three students from each year group who have the opportunity to meet the Headteacher on a termly basis to discuss the issues to be dealt with by the School Council and be given information on the budget available for proposed projects.

"As part of the School Council we have currently been involved in creating six student awards which are voted for by the students and then presented at the end of term raffle assemblies. We have also produced a whole school document from the feedback from students on how to gain pride points, emphasising achievements and rewards."

The School Council also works closely with the Havant Youth Council and had the opportunity of meeting the Mayor of Havant to raise issues that affect young people in the Borough. Members of the Executive also have their articles regularly published in the School Newsletter.

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Sports Council

The Sports Council is made up of students from all of the year groups.  These students are voted in by their peers each year; they represent the views of all students who participate in School Physical Education.


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Student Ambassadors


The student ambassador is a role in School that students take very seriously.  They are made up from Year 8 students. These students are responsible for being tour guides for visitors to the School on a daily basis. Throughout the year each member of the year group will also spend a day in reception carrying out tasks learning about day to day running of the School.


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Peer Mentors


These students play a vital role with our new Year 7 students each year. They welcome them on 'All Move Day' and they are there to greet them and support them in September when they first arrive. They are then assigned to each tutor group and work with the students in these groups across the year with tutor activities such as reading in Eric time.


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