Student Support

Support for students throughout their school career is provided by many people. The students first port of call is their tutor who will always be able to direct them to the appropriate person depending on their needs. Below is a brief description of all of the areas of support provided by the school.
Heads of Years
The five Heads of Year jointly overview the learning and progress of all students. Emphasis is placed on actively maintaining standards, progress and targets in the short, medium and long term.

The team engages key staff such as the Student Support Manager (Behaviour and Attendance), Form Tutors, parents and carers. High expectations are implicit in fostering a good work ethic, positive engagement and positive achievement/attainment.

Heads of Year use data to track and monitor achievement and attainment of all students. Intervention strategies are planned and implemented accordingly.

The Head of Years for Warblington School are:

Key Stage 3
Year 7:  Mr R Barnard
Year 8:  Miss C Chambers
Year 9:  Mr K Cooper

Key Stage 4 
Year 10 : Mr M Whitlock
Year 11:  Mr S Aldridge

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Student Support Manager

The role of Ms V West (Student Support Managers) is:

  • to support students in reaching their full potential in school and engaging in further education and employment;
  • to implement coping strategies to improve behaviour and attendance;
  • to work closely with the Heads of Year to ensure that all students and school needs are met.

It’s a tough job being a parent/carer of a teenager; please see below contacts and websites of useful organisations that can help.

B4U FLIP is a free confidential SMS text service for parents of teenagers and may be just the help you need.

Just text 84400 with one of these key words:
ANGER              ALCOHOL         BULLYING             DIVORCE
DRUGS              SEX                   SMOKING              TEEN

You may also find the following websites helpful: (Parentlineplus main website) (Site dedicated to issues around bullying) (Site for parents of teenagers) (Childcare and family services)   (NSPCC) (Thinkuknow)  (Childline)




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The Hub


The Hub is a central location for student support services.  These services include Library Services, Careers Advice and Guidance, KS4 Nurture, ICT Student Support, Parent Support Co-ordinator and Student Mentoring.

Careers Advice and Guidance

Within the Hub there is an independent Careers Advisor two days per week to support and advise Year 10/11 to ensure that they progress onto a positive destination when they leave school.  The Careers Co-ordinator is also based in the Hub and will support work experience and college/apprenticeship applications.


Our In-House Mentor supports students when dealing with various issues and develops the students' resilience to different situations.

Library Services

Within the Hub we encourage students to read a wide variety of books through the guidance of their Zone of Proximal Development - their Personalised Reading Range.  This is know as the Accelerated Reader Programme.  Students are encouraged to reflect on their choice of books and then are challenged to complete on-line computerized quizzes to test their understanding of books read.

This highly motivational programme helps focus our students on different authors and genres enabling them to learn and use a wide variety of reading skills. These skills will enhance their ability to understand different levels across the curriculum.

Students develop a love of reading and Accelerated Reader reinforces the need for students to have good literacy skills which enable them to successfully embrace life in the 21st Century to the best of their ability.

We also compete in the Hampshire Book Awards.

Extra Curricular Activities

Homework Club takes place three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school.  Students are able to access the internet and complete homework under the direction of a Teaching Assistant/Higher Level Teach Assistant.


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Careers: Work Experience

The Work Experience weeks for our current Year 10 (2015-2016) are the
Week Beginning Monday 16th May and the Week Beginning Monday 23rd May 2016.


Work Experience Presentation - 10th September 2014
Please click here to view the powerpoint about Work Experience presented by the EBP on the 10th September 2014 to parents and students of Year 10.


Year 10 students may find the following website useful for searching for vacancies:

Some web addresses that students might find useful for further information when looking at future careers routes and  ideas.

Your local careers service providers   Try the career area fact sheets. Investigate routes into careers. Home of National Careers Service. Try the personal skills assessment.   Identifies and describes the various sector skills councils. This information is not in student friendly form but could access lots of information if staff help decode the website. Lots of video clips about gathering careers information. This is an alphabetical list of all the clips on Careersbox.

Apprenticeships and Post 16 Opportunities

You have many options after finishing year 11; here are the links to some of the local opportunities.

Local Further Education Colleges

Information websites:

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Careers: Investors in Careers Award

We are currently working towards applying for the Investors in Careers Award.  We believe that this is an important award within the school as it shows our commitment to supporting the students to aim higher and be the best they can be!  The diagram below shows how the CIAG support grows from Year 7 to Year 11 and then within the first year of college/apprenticeship.

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Actions and Consequences

Please find attached the links which will take you to the latest information on our actions and consequences system

>  Sheet 1

>  Sheet 2



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