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Staff Structure Summer Term 2018

Please find below the names listed of all of the teaching staff and support staff.

Mr M Hartnell Headteacher
Mr S Aldridge Assistant Headteacher
Miss C Chambers Assistant Headteacher / SENCO
Mrs J Fletcher Assistant Headteacher / DSL
Mrs E Richards Assistant Headteacher
Mr E Whiffin Assistant Headteacher
Sean Aldridge Mr SAE Assistant Headteacher  / Physical Education / DSL
Rob Andrew Mr RAW Faculty Leader: PE & Performing Arts
Bruce Ashcroft Mr BAT Communications: French
Emmanuel Ateni Mr EAI Science / NQT
Robin Aylott Mr RAY Head of Mathematics
Roland Barnard Mr RBD Head of Year 7 / Mathematics / CPLO
Claire Blundell Miss CBL Head of Year 10 / Music
Hannah Briggs Miss HBS Communications: English
Hannah Brown Mrs HBN 2nd in Faculty: Communications: English / Literacy Co-ordinator
Nigel Brown Mr NBN Science / M & M Co-ordinator
Cara Chambers Miss CCS Assistant Headteacher: SENCO / Physical Education / DSL
Greg Chaplin Mr GCN PE / Science
Jamie Clinton Mr JCN Science 2nd in Department
Kevin Cooper Mr KCR Head of Year 9 / Communications: French
Andrew Crowe Mr ACE Humanities – Geography
Matthew Doe Mr MDE Science
Louise Elvy Mrs LEY Physical Education – Dance
Jane Fletcher Mrs JFR Assistant Headteacher / Humanities – RE / DSL
Dane Gingell Mr DGL Maths
Michael Godfrey Mr MGY ICT & Computing
Rebecca Griffin Mrs RGN Physical Education
Mike Hartnell Mr MHL Headteacher
Karlene Heath Mrs KHH Communications: English / Assistant SENCO
Pippa Horne Miss PHE 2nd in Mathematics
Aleesha Jackson Miss AJN Humanities – History
Sian Jacob Mrs SJB Mathematics – Numeracy Co-ordinator
Jim Lush-Smith Mr JLS Curriculum Leader: Science
Angie McKeown Mrs AMN Communications: English (part time)
Richard Murland Mr RMD Faculty Leader: Technical and Creative Arts
Rebecca Phillips Mrs RPS Technical & Creative Arts: Art
Elisabeth Pritchard Miss EPD History
Esther Richards Ms ERS Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Leader: Humanities/Communications: English
Tina Severe Miss TSE Technical & Creative Arts: Creative iMedia
Anton Strzelec Mr ASC Humanities – Geography
Sarah Thorpe Mrs STE 1:1 Intervention (part time)
Guylaine Uguen Miss GUN Head of Year 11 / Communications: French / Spanish
Katie Whiteley-Fuller Mrs CWF Faculty Leader: Communications: English
Lou Whiteley-Fuller Mrs SWF Drama
Edward Whiffin Mr EWN Assistant Headteacher / Physical Education
Mark Whitlock Mr MWK Head of Year 8 / Technical & Creative Arts: Art
Charli Wilkins Ms SWS Technical & Creative Arts: Food


Mr R Barnard Head of Year 7, Year 6 Transition, Mathematics
Mr Godfrey Teacher of ICT 7A/MGY
Mrs Brown 2nd in Faculty: Communications: English/Literacy Co-ordinator 7B/HBN
Mrs Jacob Mathematics – Numeracy Co-ordinator 7C/SJB
Mr Doe Science 7D/MDE
Ms Pritchard History 7E/EPD
Mr Whitlock Head of Year 8, Technical & Creative Arts: Art
Mr Murland Faculty Leader: Technical & Creative Arts 8A/RMD
Mr Andrew Faculty Leader: PE & Performing Arts 8B/RAW
Mr Ateni Science NQT 8C/EAI
Mr Chaplin PE/Science 8D/GCN
Miss Severe Technical & Creative Arts: Creative iMedia 8E/TSE
Mr Cooper Head of Year 9, Communications French
Mr Crowe Humanities: Geography 9A/ACE
Mrs Griffin PE 9B/RGN
Mr Clinton Science 2nd in Department 9C/JCN
Miss Briggs English 9D/HBS
Mrs Heath Communications: English/Assistant SENCO 9E/KHH
Miss Blundell Head of Year 10, Music
Mr Gingell Mathematics 10A/DGL
Miss Jackson Humanities: History 10B/AJN
Mrs Wilkins Technical & Creative Arts: Food 10C/SWS
Miss Horne 2nd in Mathematics 10D/PHE
Mrs Elvy Dance 10E/LEY
Miss Uguen Head of Year 11, Communications: French/Spanish
Mrs Phillips Mathematics – 2nd in Department 11A/RPS
Mr Brown Science/M&M Co-ordinator 11B/NBN
Mr Strzelec Humanities: Geography 11C/ASC
Mr Ashcroft Communications: French 11D/BAT
Mrs Whiteley-Fuller
Mrs Whiteley-Fuller
Faculty Leader: Communications: English


Mr Aylott Head of Maths
Miss Chambers Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Mr Lush-Smith Faculty Leader: Science
Mrs Richards Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Leader: Humanities


Yvonne Abrams Mrs YAS Attendance Officer
Megan Barker Miss MBR Senior Admin Assistant
Jo Barlow Ms JBW LSA – Learning Support
Rebecca Bell Miss RBL HLTA – Nurture Room Coordinator (maternity cover)
Debbie Catlin-Richardson Ms DCR Admin Assistant/Receptionist
Laura Celestine Mrs LCI Receptionist
Karen Chaffey Mrs KCY PA to the Senior Team/BlueSky Co-ordinator
Laura Copeman Mrs LCN Home/School Support Worker
Danielle Crockford Mrs DCD HLTA (maternity leave)
Rebecca Currie Mrs RCE LSA – English
Kurt Cutajar Mr KCA Sous Chef
Colin Doran Mr CDN Technician – Science
Arianne Elson Miss AEN LSA – Maths
Nikki Fletcher Ms NFR Catering Assistant
Sue Gannon Mrs SGN LSA – Maths
John Hall Mr JHL Site Assistant
Daniel Hasker Mr DHR HLTA – Nurture
Richard Hobbs Mr RHS Student Mentor
Naomi Ison Miss NIN Education Welfare Co-ordinator/Matron /CPLO
Tina Jones Ms TJS Cover Supervisor
Carl Knight Mr CKT ICT & Student Support
Philip Leckey Mr PLY Estates and Resource Manager
Lisa Manning Ms LMG Catering Assistant
Helen McLachlan Mrs HMN Exams & Cover Manager
Tina Moore Mrs TME Administrative Officer/SIMS
Katie Mullins Miss KMS IT Help – Novatech
Donna Palmer Mrs DPR Technician – Tec & Creative + Hospitality
Hilary Parry Mrs HPY Community Lettings Assistant
Jannet Rand Mrs JRD Technician – Tec & Creative
Kay Raistrick Mrs KRK HLTA – Science
Katie Robinson Mrs KRN LSA – Learning Support
Tina Sadler Ms TSR Catering Assistant
Amy Sandford Ms ASD LSA – Maths, linked to Key Stage 4
Nigel Sharp Mr NSP Finance Manager
Jorjina Stairs Mrs JSR Safeguarding & Child Protection Administrator / DSL
Janice Stevens Mrs JSS Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner
Susan Stevens Ms SSS LSA / ELSA – Science
Carol Turner Mrs CTR Senior Technician – Science
Joanne Vince Mrs JVE Catering Assistant
Nicky Walters Mrs NWS LSA – Learning Support
Vanessa West Ms VWT Pupil Support & Guidance Manager/CPLO
Adrian Whittle Mr AWE Site Manager
Clare Wilson Mrs CWN Careers Information, Advice & Guidance (CIAG) Co-ordinator
Neil Wrixon Mr NWN Site Assistant
Valerie Wrixon Mrs VWN PA to Headteacher
Support Staff Email Address Title
Mrs Y Abrams Attendance Officer
Mrs D Crockford Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Chaffey PA to the Senior Team
Miss N Ison School Matron
Mrs L Copeman Home/School Support Worker
Mr D Hasker Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Nurture
Mr R Hobbs Student Mentor
ICT Helpdesk
Mr P Leckey Estates and Resources Manager
Mr N Sharp Finance Manager
Mrs H McLachlan Exams and Cover Manager
Mrs H Parry Community Lettings Assistant
Mrs K Raistrick Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Science
Mrs G Stairs Safeguarding and Child Protection Administrator
Ms V West Pupil Support and Guidance Manager
Mrs C Wilson Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Co-ordinator
Mrs V Wrixon PA to Headteacher