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Activities & Opportunities

Warblington School has always prided itself on preparing our students for the real world and ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills to be Citizens of the 21st Century.

Extra curricular activities are an important part of school life where students are able to develop a sense of responsibility and independence by taking part in many of the activities on offer.

Please click on the links below to view after school enrichment and extension opportunities, available this term, that all students can attend in order to deepen their understanding and knowledge within specific subject areas. Students need to go to the subject area on the identified day and the venue will be identified each week by the head of department.

In addition to the opportunities listed below, PE training nights will be added as and when they are scheduled. Please contact Mr Andrew, Head of PE if you have any PE specific after school activity questions.

It is beneficial for students to attend after school activities in order to gain further support from teachers at Warblington in helping them to achieve to their expected grades / levels. Thank you in anticipation of the support you will provide to ensure that your son/daughter is able to attend.

Year 11 After School Revision Timetable

In recent years the Government has championed the idea of Citizenship and has asked schools to make more obvious to students, and parents, where Citizenship is being taught across the Curriculum.  This can be tracked through our PC Curriculum time and through our ASDAN Courses taught in the School.

However, Citizenship is not just about what is taught within the classroom. Warblington also provides numerous opportunities for students to take part in Citizenship activities. In the last year alone Warblington students have had the opportunity to get involved in many of the following Citizenship activities:

  • Raising money for the School and local charities
  • Taking part in School Assemblies
  • Taking part in team building activities – Fort Purbrook
  • Taking part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge
  • Taking part in a Junior Games morning
  • Being invited to celebrate their success at their Proud Assemblies
  • Helping to advertise the excellent work of Warblington School students through their efforts on Open Evening
  • Participating in 1 of over 20 Sports based clubs which the School offers or the many curriculum based clubs
  • Tesco vouchers for ICT and Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers
  • A variety of Year supported charities
  • Taking part in the presentation of an assembly to their Year group
  • Taking part in the School’s Carol Service as either a performer or as a member of the audience
  • Being invited to celebrate their success at one of our Presentation Evenings
  • Active8 committee help raise achievement and plan activities around the curriculum
  • Providing food supplies for the outreach work of the Leigh Park Baptist ministry
  • Taking part in School Council discussions on important issues that affect students and School.
  • Taking part in a Yawn-a-thon to raise money for the Sports Teams and charities
  • Shaping Place Project which produced a video about the issues concerning safety and the routes to and from School.
  • Taking part in school trips in this country and abroad.

At the end of Key Stage 3 summative reports produced for Year 9. There will be a statement to indicate your
child ’s involvement in Citizenship, included in this full review.

Trips are a vital part of the curriculum at Warblington. These range from trips linked directly to the curriculum, such as Geography field trips but also optional trips or visits outside of curriculum time. Examples of these range from the Water sports trips and Ski Trips.

Students must fill in a consent form and have an up to date medical form for these visits. Most trip leaders will distribute these to participants.

Educational Visit and Consent Form/Medical Form link