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Here you will find information about how we measure the students academic achievements through the key stages. You will also be able to see how the students are rewarded for the work that they do both in the classroom and outside including extra curricular activities.

All students are set termly targets for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, these are based on prior attainment and plotting the expected progress at each assessment point to ensure all students aim for four levels of progress from KS2. These targets are referred to as My Minimum Expected Grade (MEG).

Student achievement data will only be published on the School’s Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle). A parental password is required to access this information.

If parents/carers have any concerns about their child they should contact their child’s Tutor.

Reward Strategies

Pride points


Personal Excellence, Respect and friendship, Inspiration, Determination and courage, Equality.

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